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Goodbye Letter To Marijuana

Goodbye Letter To Marijuana

28 octobre 2020

After all the good times we spent, you ended up ruining my life. Because of you, I’ve spent nights in jail, I lost my license, my job, my marriage, and my kids won’t speak to me. Then, when all the tales of fun and harm are related, the writer turns on alcohol. The writer describes how he or she no longer wants to live on the roller coaster of alcoholism.

  • You sent me into a downward spiral of restricting, binging, drinking and trying to puke everything I consumed.
  • Depression and memory just had me forget about parts of my plan before I went back home.
  • Anti-depressant medication will help you rise above the crippling depression you have been experiencing.
  • Instead, you forced me into a straight-jacket and the hell began.

Before I knew it I completely hated myself & the only thing I was able to appreciate in my life was you. Little did I know that https://ecosoberhouse.com/ you were behind the scenes the entire time, laughing at me more and more with every new, deadly habit that I fell into.

Good Bye Letter to Alcohol

For a long time, I have felt hopeless and unsure that I could ever rid myself of you. With a new perspective and the support of Dr. Susie and Niki, I’m starting to believe that I could survive, and maybe even soar, without you. The thought of such a life scares me more than I can express, but I have seen others overcome your wicked ways, and goodbye letter to alcohol that gives me hope that I can too. This paradoxical relationship no longer serves me, and I’m ready to replace it with harmony. One of the first things I do when couples see me for counseling is to evaluate them for drug and alcohol addiction. If I feel that either is addicted at the time, I refer the addicted spouse to a treatment program.

goodbye letter to alcohol template

Like all unhealthy relationships, it’s time for you to end things with your addiction once and for all. It starts with you confronting your addiction head on. Thank you for the good memories and I’ll try to forget the bad. It’s time for me to focus on my family. It’s time for me to make things right. They deserve me without you tagging along. I’m just sorry I abused our relationship.

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And I know you get mad when I gain weight, or when I eat. But sometimes when my mom is around I have to. I’m sorry I disappoint you so often, but I really am trying. Even when we have our many disagreements, we work through them, and end up side by side in the end.

goodbye letter to alcohol template

How could you come between my family and me? You couldn’t handle even a few special days off so others could shine. You’re very selfish and only concerned with your own well-being. When I tried to work out and get healthier, you were always waiting for me after the gym, prodding me to just spend a little time with you. Then you seduced me into spending the night with you, and in the morning you’d laugh at me while my head and stomach ached from too much of you. You need to know how to write good, encouraging words for someone in rehab to have any positive effect on their mood or morale. This phrase works up to encouragement by highlighting the addict’s efforts in getting clean and making them feel worth it.

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For many, cutting ties with an addiction is similar to breaking up a long-term relationship. Going through detox and addiction treatment is effective, but it’s common to enter sobriety feeling like there are unresolved issues. You have been a detrimental contributor to all the bad things in my life. You have stunted me in my life’s progress.

It’s been quite some time now since I left you and that grave; that was 5 years and some change ago. I still hate you; I still hate what you’ve done to me and what you made me do to the people I loved. I’m gonna really miss our steak dinners together.

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I felt like you were a vampire as you slowly began sucking away my life. You began with my brain; slowly knowing at that and turning around my thoughts. Then you ventured into my heart, slowly depleting it. All the while, you, my master, were diminishing me of everything, the very essence of my life.

I refuse to let you take that from me. I am able to obtain professional success without sacrificing my family. Why ED, why ED, do you thrive off my weaknesses? I hate you and I don’t know what to say to you anymore except that I’m gonna beat you. I’m gonna win no matter how long it takes.

I reached a point where I wouldn’t go anywhere without you. The other people I was with were bothered by that, and they began to avoid me because they didn’t like you — and they no longer liked the “me” I had become. You have been with me for about 18 or so years, roughly about half my life.

Instead, you camped out in my home, my car, my office, and even went so far as to hide in my suitcase on our family trip to Disneyland. You know they don’t serve alcohol in the park. Worst of all, you have a serious jealousy streak in you, bordering on psychotic.


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